Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The SPM Jobs Website: Regular Admin Functions

Job Postings

Review and edit jobs in the job posting queue

Reject a job in the job posting queue

  • Select a reason (drop down menu or fill-in)
  • Provide space to type more information
  • System then sends an email to job poster including the reason for rejection, the name of the Admin, and the job information. SPM Admin email address is copied and put in as the return email address.

Release a job in the job posting queue

Debit job poster account.

System sends job to and to blog email interface if desired by poster FROM

[Note that Yahoo recently announced that they have opened up some of their internal APIs so that external developers can build on top of them. If the Yahoo Groups APIs are now visible, this may make a difference on how to implement the interface between the website and the Yahoo Group. Please check on this.]

System formats the job email as follows:

  • Subject line: Job Title, Job Area of Expertise, Company Name (if any)
    City or County or Area, State or Province, Country, relo?="yes, no, maybe"
  • First two lines of email repeats the above information in a medium sized font with a line break after the Company name (if any)
  • Then this information appears in smaller font below: Contact Name for this SPM Job posting, Contact Email address for job, Contact Title for this job posting. Email address should be linkable
  • Job description
  • Email return address is that of the Contact Email address for this job

Job Posters

Ability to edit any information in a job poster account record.