Thursday, March 10, 2005

SPM Jobs Website: Job Poster and Job Postings Webpages

Editable content at the top.


Job Posters must register. Username is email address. Password is as they choose. Other fields are firstname and lastname (required fill-in) and job title (drop-down list or optional fill-in). Use standard verification process for email address and standard process for lost username and password and changing of password. Registrants can also log into their account to see how much credit they have.

Buy Job Credits

Job poster logs in and then buys job credits:

  • Buy a job credits at $x
  • Buy b job credits at $y
  • Buy c job credits at $z

[a, b, c, x, y, z are variables that can be set (and re-set) by the SPM Jobs SuperAdmin using the interface. ]

Job poster chooses number of credits to buy using radio buttons, and enters payment information:

  • PayPal OR major credit card (through PayPal)
  • required identification information
  • price is automatically filled in using the radio button selection info
  • job posting credits are stored as # of jobs to post rather than $
Once payment processing is complete an "payment completed" with summary information is created for Registrant to print. An email with this information is automatically sent to the registrants email address.

The payment completed page contains a link to the Job Posting section (or page) described below.

Job Posting

Job poster must be logged in and can only attempt to post a job if there is at least 1 job posting credit available.

To post job complete this form (all fields are required except where stated as optional). Use as default editable info the registrant's information:
  • Contact Name for this SPM Job posting (fill-in) [could be different than the registration name]
  • Contact Email address for job (fill-in) [check that this is in a valid email format] [note this could be different than the registration email address]
  • Contact Title for this job (drop-down list if none is selected then fill-in is optional)
  • Job Title (drop down list if none is selected require a fill-in)
  • Job Area of Expertise (fill-in)
  • Company Name (optional fill-in)
  • City or County or Area (fill-in)
  • State or Province (drop down U.S. and Canada states/provinces if none is selected then fill-in)
  • Country (drop down list where USA is the default)
  • Relo? (yes, no, maybe)
  • Post this job to the SPM Jobs Blog in addition to the Yahoo Group? (default is Yes)

This is followed by a box where the job poster fills in the job description. The only HTML that is allowed is email addresses and URLs which should be automatically created. However if the tool being used allows WYSIWYG formatting that is a big plus.

There is a preview/edit page and then a "job submitted to review queue" page. A spell check on the preview page is nice but not required.

The "job submitted to review queue" page has some editable static content. An email is sent to the registrant indicating this job is in the review queue.

Job Review Queue

Go to the Admin: Job Review Queue post

Job Poster Database

All information about all Job Posters should be viewable from the Admin function and downloadable into a spreadsheet.