Monday, March 14, 2005

SPM Jobs Website: Homepage

The homepage will include our logo and links to the rest of the website.

There will be static content and active content.

Active content:

  • last x job postings (title only) with link to the Yahoo Group job postings
  • number of jobs posted (today, last a days, last b days, last c days, last e days)
  • state/country of the last y job postings
  • number of job postings in the last z days for each job title (job titles to be defined on the job posting page)
  • two quote boxes one for job poster quotes and one for job seeker quotes. number of quotes should be variable as should speed of quote cycling. quotes should have max of xxxx characters and be able to have links

Superadmin will have the ability to set/change x, a, b, c, e, y, z, quotes, number of quotes in each box, cycling speed. xxxx needs to be defined.