Friday, March 18, 2005

The SPM Jobs Product Requirements RFP

Documented here are the product requirements for the new SPM Jobs jobboard.

Software developers are invited to submit proposals to build this service.

History: The SPM Jobs board previously existed as a free service to both job poster and job seeker using the Yahoo Group The job postings were halted late last year* but the members of the group have been told that the service will be restarted. There are approximately 4,600 group members. Hundreds of job posters have posted jobs during the 3 years the board was active and thousands of jobs were posted. *We have posted a few jobs during the last few months as a courtesy to job posters.

Running the job board is too much of an effort to be done as a totally free service. This RFP describes a front end to the job board such that job posters must pay a fee. The service continues to be free to job seekers. Because of the large number of job seekers and our contacts with hundreds of satisfied job posters, we expect that once the system is installed it will quickly become active to the level it was and then grow beyond that as the economy continues to improve.

These requirements are not 100% complete but should provide enough information for software developers to understand the basic needed functionality and provide us with a job bid. We expect to work very closely with the developer on this project.

It is expected and encouraged the developer will start with an Open Source base such as Drupal or CivicSpace Labs or one of the many others that are out there (we have no preference, whatever is best for the job and also easy to support is fine).

Proposals (bids) or confidential questions can be sent to

These requirements were made public on 3/22/05.

Thanks very much.

SPM Jobs
Cynthia Typaldos