Friday, March 18, 2005

The SPM Jobs Product Requirements RFP

Documented here are the product requirements for the new SPM Jobs jobboard.

Software developers are invited to submit proposals to build this service.

History: The SPM Jobs board previously existed as a free service to both job poster and job seeker using the Yahoo Group The job postings were halted late last year* but the members of the group have been told that the service will be restarted. There are approximately 4,600 group members. Hundreds of job posters have posted jobs during the 3 years the board was active and thousands of jobs were posted. *We have posted a few jobs during the last few months as a courtesy to job posters.

Running the job board is too much of an effort to be done as a totally free service. This RFP describes a front end to the job board such that job posters must pay a fee. The service continues to be free to job seekers. Because of the large number of job seekers and our contacts with hundreds of satisfied job posters, we expect that once the system is installed it will quickly become active to the level it was and then grow beyond that as the economy continues to improve.

These requirements are not 100% complete but should provide enough information for software developers to understand the basic needed functionality and provide us with a job bid. We expect to work very closely with the developer on this project.

It is expected and encouraged the developer will start with an Open Source base such as Drupal or CivicSpace Labs or one of the many others that are out there (we have no preference, whatever is best for the job and also easy to support is fine).

Proposals (bids) or confidential questions can be sent to

These requirements were made public on 3/22/05.

Thanks very much.

SPM Jobs
Cynthia Typaldos

Thursday, March 17, 2005

SPM Jobs Service: Overview

The new SPM Jobs service will consist of a
  • website and associated files (or database),
  • a Yahoo Group where the job seekers reside,
  • and a blog.

Job Posters will be required to pay a fee for posting. Job Seekers may join SPM Jobs (the Yahoo Group for no fee.

Note that Yahoo recently announced that they have opened up some of their internal APIs so that external developers can build on top of them. If the Yahoo Groups APIs are now visible, this may make a difference on how to implement the interface between the website and the Yahoo Group. Please check on this.

SPM Jobs Website: Intellectual Property

All of the intellectual property and source code to implement the new SPM Jobs Service will be owned by SPM Jobs.

If the system is based on open source please let us know what the licensing restrictions are as per this article How to Keep Your Software Code and Share It Too.

If you would like to have a different IP arrangement please state clearly what it is and why this benefits both parties.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

SPM Jobs Website: Overview


The website should be developed using a tool that has an extremely easy-to-use content management interface.

The website will reside at

The website will have the main pages listed below. Each complex page is described briefly below and then described in detail in a separate post. There are other minor pages which are described in the appropriate section.


Introduction and logo as content.

Active content will be related to job posting activity (see Homepage post for details).

Quote box with cycling quotes from happy job posters and even happier job seekers. Two boxes, one for each. Superadmin will have the ability to manage the quotes. Up to 5 quotes in each box (or more if possible).

Job Poster pages

Job poster is informed about what types of jobs are accepted.


Buy job credits

Fill in and submit job posting with key fields using drop-down menus plus free-form text for job description.

Superadmin has the ability to modify the text in the drop-down menus.

Job Seeker page

Editable content

About us page

Editable content

Contact page

Editable content

Informational page

Editable content

Blog page

Editable content

In the News page

Summary of press about SPM Jobs with links to articles. Monthly breakdown with most recent month first.

Press Releases page

Summary of SPM Jobs press release with links to articles. Monthly breakdown with most recent month first.

Newsletters page

Summary of SPM Jobs press release with links to articles. Monthly breakdown with most recent month first.

Place to put press releases on the website. Superadmin will be able to upload.

Admin pages

See detailed posts

Other pages that can easily be added by the SuperAdmin

These pages should have the navigation capability of the rest of the site.

Monday, March 14, 2005

SPM Jobs Website: Homepage

The homepage will include our logo and links to the rest of the website.

There will be static content and active content.

Active content:

  • last x job postings (title only) with link to the Yahoo Group job postings
  • number of jobs posted (today, last a days, last b days, last c days, last e days)
  • state/country of the last y job postings
  • number of job postings in the last z days for each job title (job titles to be defined on the job posting page)
  • two quote boxes one for job poster quotes and one for job seeker quotes. number of quotes should be variable as should speed of quote cycling. quotes should have max of xxxx characters and be able to have links

Superadmin will have the ability to set/change x, a, b, c, e, y, z, quotes, number of quotes in each box, cycling speed. xxxx needs to be defined.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

SPM Jobs Website: Job Poster and Job Postings Webpages

Editable content at the top.


Job Posters must register. Username is email address. Password is as they choose. Other fields are firstname and lastname (required fill-in) and job title (drop-down list or optional fill-in). Use standard verification process for email address and standard process for lost username and password and changing of password. Registrants can also log into their account to see how much credit they have.

Buy Job Credits

Job poster logs in and then buys job credits:

  • Buy a job credits at $x
  • Buy b job credits at $y
  • Buy c job credits at $z

[a, b, c, x, y, z are variables that can be set (and re-set) by the SPM Jobs SuperAdmin using the interface. ]

Job poster chooses number of credits to buy using radio buttons, and enters payment information:

  • PayPal OR major credit card (through PayPal)
  • required identification information
  • price is automatically filled in using the radio button selection info
  • job posting credits are stored as # of jobs to post rather than $
Once payment processing is complete an "payment completed" with summary information is created for Registrant to print. An email with this information is automatically sent to the registrants email address.

The payment completed page contains a link to the Job Posting section (or page) described below.

Job Posting

Job poster must be logged in and can only attempt to post a job if there is at least 1 job posting credit available.

To post job complete this form (all fields are required except where stated as optional). Use as default editable info the registrant's information:
  • Contact Name for this SPM Job posting (fill-in) [could be different than the registration name]
  • Contact Email address for job (fill-in) [check that this is in a valid email format] [note this could be different than the registration email address]
  • Contact Title for this job (drop-down list if none is selected then fill-in is optional)
  • Job Title (drop down list if none is selected require a fill-in)
  • Job Area of Expertise (fill-in)
  • Company Name (optional fill-in)
  • City or County or Area (fill-in)
  • State or Province (drop down U.S. and Canada states/provinces if none is selected then fill-in)
  • Country (drop down list where USA is the default)
  • Relo? (yes, no, maybe)
  • Post this job to the SPM Jobs Blog in addition to the Yahoo Group? (default is Yes)

This is followed by a box where the job poster fills in the job description. The only HTML that is allowed is email addresses and URLs which should be automatically created. However if the tool being used allows WYSIWYG formatting that is a big plus.

There is a preview/edit page and then a "job submitted to review queue" page. A spell check on the preview page is nice but not required.

The "job submitted to review queue" page has some editable static content. An email is sent to the registrant indicating this job is in the review queue.

Job Review Queue

Go to the Admin: Job Review Queue post

Job Poster Database

All information about all Job Posters should be viewable from the Admin function and downloadable into a spreadsheet.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The SPM Jobs Website: Logging

All transactions should be logged and include at least the following information. Additional information should be added if deemed relevant.

The transaction file should be behind the superadmin password. The log should not have an interface for modification. The log should be easily downloaded into a spreadsheet.

Transaction type (admin, job poster, system, other?)
Action (develop code words for each type of action)
Date (Pacific Time)
Time (Pacific Time)
Who performed the transaction (Job Poster ID or Admin name or system module)
Fields as needed to fully describe the transaction

Saturday, March 05, 2005

SPM Jobs Website: Admin Functions General

There is a superadmin and then up to 5 regular admins.

Each Admin has the following information associated with the admin account:
  • email address
  • FirstName
  • LastName
  • password

Only the superadmin can create and delete regular admin accounts.

All admin activity is logged.

See SuperAdmin Functions and Regular Admin Functions

Friday, March 04, 2005

SPM Jobs Website: Super Admin Functions

Add, modify, delete regular Admin accounts

Change all variables and drop-down menu lists

Access the log file

Edit website content

Edit email content

Backup and restore

Turn on/off Admin Review (e.g. assume approval of job postings)

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The SPM Jobs Website: Regular Admin Functions

Job Postings

Review and edit jobs in the job posting queue

Reject a job in the job posting queue

  • Select a reason (drop down menu or fill-in)
  • Provide space to type more information
  • System then sends an email to job poster including the reason for rejection, the name of the Admin, and the job information. SPM Admin email address is copied and put in as the return email address.

Release a job in the job posting queue

Debit job poster account.

System sends job to and to blog email interface if desired by poster FROM

[Note that Yahoo recently announced that they have opened up some of their internal APIs so that external developers can build on top of them. If the Yahoo Groups APIs are now visible, this may make a difference on how to implement the interface between the website and the Yahoo Group. Please check on this.]

System formats the job email as follows:

  • Subject line: Job Title, Job Area of Expertise, Company Name (if any)
    City or County or Area, State or Province, Country, relo?="yes, no, maybe"
  • First two lines of email repeats the above information in a medium sized font with a line break after the Company name (if any)
  • Then this information appears in smaller font below: Contact Name for this SPM Job posting, Contact Email address for job, Contact Title for this job posting. Email address should be linkable
  • Job description
  • Email return address is that of the Contact Email address for this job

Job Posters

Ability to edit any information in a job poster account record.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

SPM Jobs Website: Backup and Restore

All data and variable values should be kept separate from the code to enable easy backup.

A simple backup system should be in place that can be set to automatically backup all data at a fixed time interval. The backed up data should never overwrite previously backed up data...each new backup should create its own file(s). The superadmin sets the backup time interval and can also force an immediate backup.

The restore system should allow a "clone" of the SPM Jobs website to be created and filled with the restored data separate from the production version.

A comparison of two backup files would be a nice feature.

SPM Jobs Website: Notifications

Job poster notifications:

Job account holder gets a notification when a job is put into the review queue.
Job account holder and job contact person both get an email when the job is released.

Superadmin email notifications of activity:

new registrant
new purchase of tokens

System up and working notifications:

System sends an email to (ask for email address) if system is not responding. There should be at least 3 places in the system where if there no activity for x minutes, the sytem assumes something is wrong and alerts the superadmin.

SPM Jobs Blog

When a job posting is a approved an automatic email should be sent to the SPM Jobs Blog to create a post. (This depends on how easy it is to post an HTML formatted email.)

SPM Jobs Website: Alpha and Beta Phases

There will be two launch phases:
  • Alpha - where the entire process is working except no payment is required. We will need to be able to clear all accounts of "number of jobs" only after the alpha phase
  • Beta - everything is working including payments but we will except 24/7 support

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Maintenance, Support, and Operations

Please include a proposal for ongoing maintenance (new enhancements, bug fixes), technical support, and operations. Ideally the developer would run the site for us.